About Evella Gray Boutique!

Welcome! My name is Hayley and I am the Owner of Evella Gray Boutique! I am a mom, wife, Insurance Agent, makeup enthusiast, and have a passion for all things art, fashion, and beauty!

Evella Gray started as a crazy idea my husband gave me when we went clothes shopping after our youngest son was born. After 6 hours, I left empty handed and discourage. I knew what I wanted but I wasn’t finding it! I told my husband that the mall didn’t have cute boutique style clothes like I wanted but I also didn’t want to pay $60+ for those cute styles from actual boutiques online. So, my husband being the solutionist to every problem asked “why don’t you just start your own boutique and offer the clothes you like for less?”

That was an insane but Genius idea!!!

I started researching how to start a boutique in November of 2022. After a lot of research, trial and error making my own website, and digging deep into the legal stuff to make sure everything was good to go, I was ready to pick a name for the boutique. I wanted something unique that also had meaning behind it. What means the most to me? My kids! Evan (Ev) my oldest son, Ella my step daughter, and Grayson (Gray) our youngest son! My kids names combined created Evella Gray and that was the start of this crazy adventure! 💕

My husband Tyler and I have 3 Children to complete our blended family of 5. My oldest son Evan helps me pick out all the boy clothes we offer and my step daughter Ella helps me pick out all of the girl clothes we offer! So all of our kids clothes you see on our site were specifically picked by them! Every Women’s item we have has been hand picked by me (with Ella’s help too sometimes of course!).

Evella Gray is not my full time job but it is my passion. I hope every item you purchase, you love as much as I do! Customer satisfaction is my number one priority. If you have any questions, concerns, or feedback (positive or negative), please message me! This is a new business adventure for me so I am learning as I go and I believe there is always room for improvement! 💖

If you have ordered from Evella Gray already, thank you! If you order from Evella Gray in the future, thank you! Every order is supporting my small business and crazy dream I’ve made a reality so I greatly appreciate every order we receive. My goal for this boutique is to expand from dropshipping to wholesale so I can start ordering physical products to have on hand and ship them to all of you myself 💖 I have so many ideas and I am so excited to share them all with you as time goes by!

I look forward to the future of Evella Gray! Thank you for reading a little about me, my family, and my boutique.

With love,

The Owner of Evella Gray Boutique
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